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    At the Airow Gun Academy, you’ll learn to draw before you paint. Enter a whole new dimension of paintball, where string, compressed air pressure and archery come together to create unbelievable fun.

    The Airow Gun is applied physics, geometry, and aeronautics all wrapped into one advanced placement course. Study it well and you’ll teach your opponents a new level of respect. But pay attention… the Airow Gun’s top speed of 300 feet-per-second makes it a quick study. And you’ll be tested later. Be the first to put the splat on your buddy with the most unique paintball gun in the game.


    The Airow Gun- where paintball meets archery. So, load it up… and blow it out your bow!

    Air pressure control from 260 - 300 fps based on using a 60 lb bow at 29" draw. Mounts to most compound and recurve bows with aluminum risers.

    Please Call or E-mail with any questions instead of PMing for the quickest response.

    Limited Quantity in stock. $299.99 + shipping
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    That is cool!