FS or T: Bear Montana RH 55# GC

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    For pictures, email me.

    You can also see pictures here


    TO BUY: CONTACT [email protected]

    Bear Montana Longbow

    $200 USD, shipped to lower 48.

    Right-handed bow's weight is 55 pounds at 28 inches, with a length of 64 inches.

    This longbow is in good shape. There are several scratches from use on the glass on the limbs. No noticable scratches on the maple cores. The scratches do not extend into the glass, only surficial.

    There are no splits anywhere in the limbs, and they are not twisted.

    The bow shoots well and comes with a fast flight string.

    Arrows, glove, and ruggedly handsome archer not included.

    The Bear website has this to say:

    Our 64-inch Montana Longbow is quick and smooth. Its graceful limbs are faced and backed with black fiberglass overlays. The limb tips are reinforced for a strong draw. Slip the FastFlight string over the limbs and you can fling arrows for hours without loosing an ounce of power. The arrow shelf is crowned and cut on center. A soft leather grip is standard.