FS: Pro-Line Slide-bar sight and Speciality Archery Products 4x Super Scope

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    I have for sale one slide-bar type Pro-Line Micro target sight in like-new condition. The sight is constructed from non-anodized, machined, aluminum and has a 9" extension arm and a 4 1/4" slide body, as well as a very solid, machined aluminum, dovetail mounting bracket and large thumb screw. In addition, the sight body has un-marked, white, scales on either side and includes a graduated, peel-and-stick, metal scale as well. In addition, the sight also includes a brass sight pin, an extra 8/32 Windage Adjustment Collet that can be tapped to accept a 10/32 thread rod, the original box, and the original instructions. The cost is $85.00 plus the actual shipping cost to your zip code.

    · Micro Elevation- The sight has a Micro Elevation System the works the entire length of the Micro Rod. To adjust the sight pin for elevation, simply turn the elevation knob. To move the sight block over long distances, the sight block also has a Quick Micro Release. Simply loosen and push in the elevation lock knob and the sight block is free to be moved up and down the slide bar. In addition, the Micro Elevation System may also be adjusted for tightness.
    · Micro Windage- Windage adjustments may easily be made by simply loosening the lock screw and then screwing the sight pin either left or right.
    · Sight Leveling- It is possible to adjust the sight in relation to the bow string in two different locations by adjusting either the Base Adapter Plate or the Micro Elevation Block.


    I have for sale one Specialty Archery Products 4x Super scope that is new, still in the original package, and includes the original instructions. In addition, all Specialty Archery Products lenses are made of the finest optical quality glass available and all lenses are coated by Carl Zeiss Optical. This durable coating enhances the light transmission to almost 100% which in turn makes the lens glare free and gives it a hard coating that also repels water and dust. Last, the scope body is constructed from clear plastic and has a 10/32 threaded rod for greater stability and better accuracy but is minus the level that is normally included with this scope. Also, the lens is 30mm in diameter, is held in place by two thumb screws, and includes a set of spacer bushings as well as a template for dot or circle application. The cost is $60.00 plus the actual shipping charges to your zip code.