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    Full Quiver Benefit shoot March 24&25​
    Peck Little League
    3D archery Benefit​
    1st Place Open Class...$250.00 {30 entries}
    1st Place Hunter Class ...Browning Bow
    1st Place Youth.. Browning Youth Bow​

    Saturday March 24th and Sunday 25th
    Shooting starts at 11:30 A.M.​
    Open Class $25.00
    Hunter Class $20.00
    Youth Class $10.00
    Children under 7 shoot for FREE​

    Contacts for more info /sign up
    C.R LaFata 810-378-5124
    Full Quiver 810-325-1307​
    WEB LINK FOR Direction​

    Bows Donated by
    The Hock Shop Sporting Center
    1504 Military Street
    Port Huron 810-985-4082​
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    I stopped by the newly remodeled Hock Shop Sporting Goods Center today to check it out. They have been very generous in there support of charities like this one coming up for the Peck Little League on March 24 and 25. Bob Dingman is the guy who runs the archery department for the past couple of years and he has really grown it into all points archery center.Service is a priority for Bob he wants to make sure you get the benefit of choice and get the right fit for your individual shooting needs. If its a string propelled he has it covered. You can even test shoot some of the equipment on a new shooting lane in back. If you looking to check out some of the lattes hunting or targets equipment stop by for a wide selection and some very competitive prices on Bowtec,Diamond,Darton,Airow Gun,Carbon Express,Gold Tip,Sure-Loc,Toxonics,Spot Hogg,Extreme,Sword,Copper John,Montec,Muzzy,tru-Fire,STS,NAP,GKF,Trophy Taker,Cudde Back and many more. For more info you can use this link.. http://www.thehockshop.net/