Fully Outfitted Hoyt XT 3000 Pro

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    Brand new, never been shot, Hoyt XT 3000 Pro Series Tournament Bow for sale! This bow comes fully equipped with D loop, kisser, peep, Spot Hogg Seven Deadly Pins, Hoyt fall away, Fuse: Carbon Connexion 2 ft 6 in stabilizer, hip quiver and SKB Hard Case. This bow has absolutly no fray on the string or d-loop or any scratches from wrenches as it has NEVER BEEN SHOT. This bow is $850.00, all this included!

    Please e-mail Marianne Ramey at [email protected]
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    XT3000 are just a limb model, a longer limb option, the bow could be a protec, ultratec, pro elite ,ultra elite, contender, contender elite, 38 Pro XL, theyre might be another model or 2 that XT3000 limbs could have been installed on? A buyer needs to know if its right or left handed , what color ot finish, what cam, what draw length what draw weight range also