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    anyone have any other fun shoots that clubs put on after the 3d shoot is done, ive been to a few where you have a teammate, one is a speed shoot, its 20 yards, and you shoot as many spots as fast as you can in 20 seconds. anouther one was milk jug shoot, theirs 2 jugs hooked together with rope, their full of water, as the water gets draind from arrow holes, it acts like a balance scale, if your teams jug goes up first you win. We won this one, had a plan, we both shot 2 arrows as close to the bottom as we could, then we shot at the cap, to let good air in to drain out the water, we also had a moving deer. was rigged on a long rope, each end tied off on a tree, then it had a pry 3 foot rope that hung off it that had a big rock tied to it, as the deer got to the second tree, which the rope was tied lower on the tree, so the rock would drag and stop the target, was cool, but was on to big of a hill, thing was going about 50 mph, was awsom though cause their was about 40 shooters on the line, their were arrows goin all over the place. what eles have you guys and ladies seen??
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    We have a couple clubs w/ a 100yrd shot for fun...1 puts an index card(3x5)with a black spot on it(bout the size of a dime) over the vital...$1 a write your name and phone# on the the end of the shoot they see who got closest to the spot and winner gets 1/2 club gets 1/2...alot of fun and ohh the trash talkin...:biggrin1:

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    One club plays 'poker'. Kind of like playing cards after a golf game.
    A 52 card deck is pinned to a target, all spread out randomly, and you shoot at the cards from 20 yards to build a poker hand. Everyone takes turns, 5 arrows each, one arrow at a time. Whomever has the best hand after 5 arrows 'wins'. It's a lot harder than it sounds too. It's difficult to see the cards even with binos and it's even more difficult to 'remember' which card you picked to shoot at. Face cards are the only ones that are obvious along with red/black but individual suits are hard to tell. If you miss a card, you loose a card from your hand. It's a real challenge. No formal money is given out but a lot of side bets go on.

    Another game is a target at 20 yards that's 5 incles in diameter.
    The kicker is that the target is a 5 inch hole cut out of a 1/4 inch thick steel plate !
    Hit the hole and your arrow is 'saved'. Miss the hole and there is a ton of noise and your arrow is 'gone'. People save older arrows just to try it out. It's hilarious watching it... That's one for people who have subtle disagreements on who is a better shooter. Nothing like putting a $12 arrow on the line to settle the argument... I tried it once and hit the target. Whew...


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    We have an extreme 3D shoot in Medora North Dakota it has a bunch of insane 3d target shots. like 80 yards downhill off a huge cutbank.
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    Side shoots

    Blackhawk archery in So Indiana used to have a running deer target. You got to shoot 1 arrow from each of 5 stakes It also ran downhill at a pretty good clip. If you were on the downhill stake, you had to lead it about 8 feet and swing hard to kill it. Bedford had a Bigfoot that bent at the waist. It would start cranking to the full upright position kinda slow but when it hit the top it fell hard back down to the starting position where you couldn't see the kill ring . It was set at long enough yardage ( but 60 yards) that you would hold and release just over the top of its head when it started to raise up. by the time your arrow got there, it would be high enough for your shot to find the kill. They also had full size elk that walked across an open field between two stakes. It had a kill about 6 inches in diameter and you shot at it as sonn as it passed the first stake and quit when it passed the second. The yardage was about 47 yds when it started and around 63 when it finished. You shot as many arrows as you could between stakes. If I remember right it usually took 7 or 8 kills to win it, and you had to lead about 2 feet
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    On eBay, I found a stencil kit that has 3 different stencils to make a "dartboard". You set up as you would a regulation dart tourney but scaled in distance from the target...23 yards I believe. Then shoot either 301/501 Doubles In/Doubles Out.