Funny things men are guilty of.

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Huya, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. Huya

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    You already own a top of the line bow you are comfortable with. But You are drooling just to see the new lineups of the bow companies.
    You can Look at a bow, test fire it, not buy it, go home wish you would of bought it only to go back the next day and do the same exact thing.
    You complain about shopping with your wife because you feel its boring but you get mad because she won't come with you.
    You go to the archery shop more than once a week, Look at the same exact stuff, spend more than a couple of hours there, don't buy anything and fill that you have had a great day.
    This also applies to hardware, sporting goods, and tools. at any store.
    You can tell customers where items are to be found better than the clerk working there.
    You wonder why your wife needs a dozen purses, over a dozen pair of shoes and she wonders why you need more than a dozen arrows, 3 or more bows?
    And both are thinking that the other could of saved money for the more important stuff.
    Your to tired to mow the lawn but let a friend mention hunting or just target practice and you've loaded up the bow and accessories and are gone before the wife notices you have slipped out.
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    Guilty as charged. Thanks for the plea bargain on all the time I spend flipping through all the Cabelas catalogs and talking to you.:lol: