G5 Meta Nocks

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    I just bought a 1/2 dozen of the "New" Meta Nocks for Gold Tip (.246) shafts. These have a "split" on the sides for more consistent spring pressure. They were a bit loose in my Ultralight 500's. Anyhow I ended up switching to the Pin Nocks and they are loose too so I'm thinking it's my shafts that are oversized for spec. I checked them out with the caliper and they all came out to .2455. I also have another (8) of last years model (without the "split") also for the .246 Gold Tip shafts. I checked those on the caliper as well and they came out at .243-.245. The finish on those seem to have gotten duller over time. There are alos a few nicks in some of them that doesn't affect performance. Those nicks saved quite a few arrows from being damaged during 3D league last year. Cheap insurance against damaged arrows. I'm asking $12 shipped.

    The following are listed on the size chart:
    Gold Tip (XT's, Expedition, Pro Hunter, Ultralight, Entrada, Traditional, Big Game, Signature, & Falcon 35)
    Easton Carbon Excel
    Beman ICS Series
    PSE Radial X-Weave Pro
    Cabela's Carbon Hunter 6580
    Blackhawk Vapor