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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by MikeC, May 1, 2008.

  1. MikeC

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    Hi: I am getting back into shooting, forgot how much fun it was...
    With that I decided to upgrade from my Golden Eagle 3D hunting bow. I
    bought a Hoyt Katera XT (haven't picked it up yet). I had bought a TecHunter from Gander Mountian and was dialing it in, but the cable guard bent in after a week of shooting. I have a Hoyt Medallion I used to use for indoor league shoots, so I went back to Hoyt. I didn't try out many other bows and as usual, am asking around after the fact.

    Has anyone used the Katera? I really liked my old Hoyt so went with the Katera. My Golden Eagle was 70#, but I don't feel comfortable pulling it now (older I guess), so I got a 60# Katera. I am hoping this will be sufficient for deer hunting (20 - 30 yrds). The Katera is rated at 330 fps, but I am a 28 inch draw length and got a 60#, so the speed is likely to be much less. I will find out when I get it home and shoot it through the chrono..

    If anyone has one (especially a 60# version), please let me know how it performs for you. I tried it in the shop and really liked the smooth draw. It was a bit heavier than the TecHunter I was going to go with, but a lot lighter than the Golden Eagle.
  2. Dooby

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    To repeat what many have said, ANY modern bow choice is a good choice (especially for the distances you're asking about). Compared to the ones from when I was deer hunting most in Missouri...they are ALL unbelievably fast and accurate.

    I've met several guys that hunt with recurves that only just top 200fps with their hunting arrows, so whatever you get from the Katera will be good. In my opinion...there's no GOOD reason for 99.99% of hunters to ever shoot over 60# (maybe even 50#). If you're after cape buffalo or something else that's big and tough...maybe...but otherwise get what you can enjoy shooting easily in full hunting gear.

    Enjoy your bow and I'm sure it'll take down anything you're likely to hunt at 20-30 yards with the right broadhead. You made a good choice; now post some pictures...I always love to see everyone's setup (while I wait on mine, especially).

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    :welcome: to the forum. You made a good decision on the bow. Get the one you are comfortable with and have confidence in. The Katera seems like a great bow. I liked the Vectrix a little more but thats just me. Good luck and post us up some pics.:peace:
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    You just got the number one bow on my wish list. I love my Hoyt Ultra Mag. I shoot 60# with a 29" draw, 400 grain total arrow weight with Atom 100 grain broadheads. Every deer I shot with Thunderhead or Atom broadheads were complete pass throughs, with fair to heavy blood trails, and 100 yards or less distance to trail. I've shot the Katera. I hope to own one someday, unless I try one I prefer by then. The most important part of my responciblity as a hunter is shot placement. Practicing in the same weather and at the same elevation I hunt from is the best thing I do to make good shots when it counts; in the field, not at the range. Have fun, and good hunting.
  5. MikeC

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    I got it...

    I haven't figured out how to get the pics uploaded yet. Lets see if this works. While sighting it in, I managed to robinhood and destroy 2 arrows.

    I love the bow. 60 # draw weight, 28 inch draw length...
    TruGlo 3 pin sight
    FUSE 6.5 inch carbon CX
    DuraLite 4 arrow quiver
    Q-Tune Smart drop rest
    Easton axis 400 arrows

    403 Gr arrows 271 fps

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  6. Wheely

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    Robinhood is always good when you get a new bow :laugh:
  7. J.C.

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    good looking rig Mike, congrats.....:thumb: