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Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by brandon45, May 26, 2008.

  1. brandon45

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    So im nearing the arrival of my first hunt! (HOGS)

    Today I bought a backpack with a 2 liter bladder, a leatherman blast, hunting boots, mesh camo pants and longsleeve shirt. Everything is in mossy oak camo. I will be hunting in florida, my question is what are the other essentials? Like what do you all have in your backpack when you go hunt and what else should I look into?

    Right now I have clothes, boots, multi-tool, bow with everything and tuned, muzzy mx-3 broadheads, kwikee kwik quiver, allen wrench set, and hunting license.

    I know I need a belt and a broadhead target to sight in broadheads and scent killer but what else
  2. pred8er

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    Put together a good first aid kit and a small survival kit (just in case).
    Always carry a good flashlight with fresh batteries even if you plan on being out before dark...ya never know.
    If your hunting from a stand, don't forget a haul rope.
    Good knife is essential equipment.
    If your a long way from the truck think about a drag line for when you do kill something.
    I like to take some snacks to much on.
    Take a cell phone or sat phone for emergency use (you can turn the ringer off so as not to spook game) and know how to use it. I've heard of guys having to call for help after falling out of their stands and were hanging by their safety harness.

  3. J.Blay

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    I keep it simple as I can in a tree stand. For a short hunt (2-4 Hours) I take only what I need to kill and prepare the animal, safty items (harness, lift rope, compass, first aid kit, silent cell phone ect.), and a urine bottle. For an extended hunt I also bring food that is quiet and filling, like cheese, that doesn't produce quick bowel movements(you'll see why). I bring a quiet pt. or qt. size water container filled all the way to minimize sloshing. I may bring extra gear if the weather report suggests a likely need also. Some hunters bring reading material for an all day hunt. Mostly, I think you'll figure out for yourself what's important enough to bother hauling in once you've gone through a trial and error period like all of us do. Too much stuff takes the joy out of entering the woods, too little stuff can make time in the stand miserable and even dangerous. Have fun. I hope to see pictures posted soon! Also, if you can't sharpen your broadheads, make sure you have enough to set a couple aside. Shooting the target will dull the blades.
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    I suggest doing a dry run a few days before the shoot. Those guys at Lion Country get testy with me whenever I try to bring my bow in with me.:wave:
  5. phillip

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    Hunting florida this time of year is going to be hot. Bring lots of water, and by all means do not forget a (therma cell) bug can thank me for that one later.
    The most importent thing of all when hunting anywhere in the gulf coast area of the south, buy your self a good pair of snake proof boots. It will be the best money you ever spent.
    Good luck and hunt safe.:wave:
  6. RiverRob

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    On top of what others have said, bring a camera, extra batteries and plenty of film-memory. Even though it might be hot I would get some kind of warm weather gloves to prevent bugs from biting your hands up. A extra pair of synthetic-warm weather wool blend sock. Also some rain gear.
  7. bullspotter

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    dont forget TP just in case!!
  8. Dooby

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    I agree with what everyone else said. One additional bit, is I ALWAYS take a GOOD knife, lighter, 25'+ of paracord, a compass, and at least a "simple" map of the area (always on my body somewhere). Sounds stupid...but I'm ALWAYS back at the truck on time while most people I've hunted with have to crack off a shot for location at least once per trip.

    I like to carry a couple of glow sticks...usually the orange or blue ones (but the green ones work in a pinch), though a waterproof flashlight works as well with fresh batteries.

    If I make a kill I can't carry to a road, I usually grab a few branches and make a sled with the paracord.

    Other little stuff you MAY want to take...unscented lotion or similar to ease the sting of bug bites after the hunt, a compression bandage in case of sprains/breaks/snake bite/etc. A few extra gallon jugs of water in the truck are always welcome for whatever you may need them for...and a box of granola bars are superb to fill the gut every now and again (and they stick to your ribs).

    Don't forget TP and some plastic garbage bags. No one wants to find your logs! :)

    Most important of all....let someone know EXACTLY where you're going...and how long you'll be there. Preferably daily if you can. We used to set up "buddy" systems with nearby camps when we hunted public land...and it worked great. It's always good to know someone will come looking sooner than later.

    AND HAVE ENOUGH FUN FOR THE BOTH OF US!!! Did you mention what you're taking to celebrate the success of your hunt? Gotta prepare to celebrate (and it makes a good consolation if required).:biggrin1::biggrin1:

    p.s. If you're well may make some people think you're paranoid and overly worrying...but BEING prepared is what KEEPS me from worrying.