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    Got a 8 point on the 7th...144 3/8"
    got a ten at 120" on the head,the 10th.
    Wish I didn't shoot the second one,I was forwarned by a good freind of mine not to shoot him.Um,UM.
    He came in and couldn't resist it.
    Knowing there still are two monsters running around the propertys I hunt,I am kinda kicking myself in the head,so...
    I am learning a lesson here in the duh department... that is.....That ten would have been a real....... nice one next year.Anyways.
    I will have to say it sure was a interesting...season.
    I think Chris has the photos....maybe he can put em' up?
    I can thank Brad for helping me out,especially on the 8.
    He recommended spitfires,man,what a head.
    Tracking distance for both deer...60 yards.
    Don't worry Brad,
    I will be the one taking the pictures sometime,I am sure of it.
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    The Old glory is up for sale...

    I thought I would give someone here a opportunity to purchase my bow,it is in the for sale catagory.