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Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by OK shooter, Apr 29, 2005.

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    I have a question, My daughter would really love to come with me when I go bow hunting, so seeing as I know she wound't be able to sit still in a tree stand, I was wondering if a ground blind is a good buy. If so, is there one out there that would be good for hiding a squirmish child, yet give me good shot angles? Could really use some help.


    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    There are a bunch of great groudblinds out there some of the good ones are made by Ameristep and Double Bull. Although I still prefer to take my yougest brother up in my buddy stand, holds two people. I have taken a few steps to make my trips to the stand w/him even better. Like cleaning out the trail to the stand of all the leaves and debris well in advance. As far as the stand goes I bought some camo material (pretty inexpensive) and w/some dollar store shower curtain holders I have made a sliding blind cover. Can be moved out of the way to enter and slide back into place after getting in. Actually works well even when i dont take the little ones w/me. And you could get as elaborate as you feel like. Putting up a roof, you know go crazy w/it.

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    I would definately go with the double bull 360 matrix, I purchased one this spring and have used it in Wisconsin, and Missouri for turkeys. It works great I had the double bull BS5 before this one, it also worked well, the beauty of the matrix is that you can shoot a full 360 degrees through mesh, and the game cannot see you in the blind if you have the mesh down, it is great for kids, its roomy and very durable, easy to setup and take down.
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    The Doublebull blinds are worth the extra money. I took my son with me last year and actually had three of us in one this year turkey hunting.

    Great fun and the kids can be kids without too much worry about spooking game.

    I had the BS5 and now have a Matrix. The new Matrix is really awesome.