Good experiences at a archery store today

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Mr Wiggl3s, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. Mr Wiggl3s

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    ... I lied...

    So i walked in the place looking to buy a Hoyt... Lookin to put out $1100ish.

    So i say to the guy "Im new to bows... My cousin is just here to shoot/play around"
    "How much you looking to spend?"
    "Im looking to get a Hoyt or Mathews"
    "O well we got this Hoty... And this Mathews... (says the models, but i dont remember them)"
    "Aight cool, can we go try them out for a bit?"
    "Sure, nobodys up there"
    We get a release, 4 arrows total, and go shoot.
    So i get off about 10-15 shots and the guy walks up there and see's if everythings alright. I ask him how to use the release properly, because i didn't know, and he tells me... ok cool
    About another 10-15 shots the guy comes up and says "Ok $1200 or you got to go"
    We walked down and the clown is like "You guys are here just to shoot"
    I said, no, i was really looking to buy a bow...
    Then said cya.

    Went to Gander, and there was this experienced guy there who seemed to know what he was talking about, i told him whats up and he pointed me to a Diamond Ice, and a Parker Phoenix 34... So thats where i'm now.

    Tomorrow i will go try the diamond and the parker again, see which i like better... But thats my story with archery shops around here.
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    Elite archery

    Don't forget to check out the 08 Elite Archery bows if you can!They are awesome!here is the website PM me if you have any questions.

  3. MO.HICK

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    I have the Diamond Black Ice and really like. It is fast and smooth. Mine is in the target color. Shooting 60# 28 1/2 inch arrows at 290 grains 29 inch draw and cono at 296 fps. My 3-D scores went up last year when I got used to it.

  4. Long Draw

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    well polished sales technique.:bowl:
  5. Radar

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    If I was you I would turn him in to his Hoyt and Mathews Rep...... The Archery shop in our clubs building the owner lets me shoot whatever I want......Also when I am in Chris' shop and he gets a new bow in usually he says something like man you should try this( not a direct quote ) I understand that they both know me but I think that guys reps would like to know that he was an a** and that you were going to a chain store now to buy a bow......The big name companies sell to "Pro Shops" only for a reason they want there product being endorsed and sold by experianced people who are not jerks
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  6. Huya

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    I am not going to say the guy was right or wrong. I wasn't there. But you should know basically what the bow would do and feel like after 15 shots. He should of asked you how it felt to you. Maybe gave a couple of other suggestions to try so you could compare more. And should of been there with you or set up a time for you so that he could better give you one on one. That way he could find out what you actually are looking for. And may of made a sale. To hand you a bow to try and not watch what you are doing is just stupid in my opinion. He don't know if you have ever even shot a bow before. For all he know, you could of shot yourself in the foot without knowing. Major boo boo on his part. And if that is his practices, then he is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Even if somebody tells you they know how to shoot, You should be there if just for insurance purposes.