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Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by the contractor, Jun 24, 2008.

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    question is do you have something you do or something you may use when go out on a hunt that you may not share with local hunting buddies ? mine is putting a little peanut butter on the sides of my boots forthe hike into my camps . maybe wierd to some but i know it has helped me on hog and deer both. i do it and i aint never told no one i hunt with except my son ...and he does it too

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    I usually hunt with friends (or my son) even though I know my chances of scoring on deer decrease when entering the woods with a crew in tow. My biggest secret is on a prime rut day with perfect weather, moon phase or whatever I'll not answer the phone and hit a favorite spot in super stealth mode - morning shower,freshly cleaned clothes, extra careful entry, stay on stand extra long, etc. I usually only do it a couple times a year - with great results.

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    I share them, as I enjoy seeing others have success. I hunt ALONE, because I can't find many people that I feel are as dedicated as I am, and I don't want anyone along who may spook animals. X-SCENT Base Layers are the best thing I've added to my arsenal in the past 10yrs. Better than my Hoyt, my Slick Tricks, my Wasp Jak-Hammers, or even my Carbon Arrows!!!!! I won't hunt without them on!!!!! There, you have my "Ace in the hole!!!" I've offered over 20 guys a deal, if they bought them and didn't like them or feel they helped, I'd buy them from them for what they paid, and I'm yet to buy any from those that took the challenge!!!!