great deal!! 2005 Hoyt UltraSport Zr-100

Discussion in 'Bows for sale or trade' started by gusduenas, Apr 5, 2008.

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    Hoyt Ultra Sport Zr100 2005-Used for only $260

    Hi I'm selling my Hoyt Bow, I've never been to the woods with it, only target range. The bow is on nice condition, great shape, I've just fired the bow last week and was OK. The bow sold as is, minor signs of use, includes a g5 peep sight, string leeches, string loop and limb savers for split limbs. please only serious buyers, call me to set a visit. I accept cash, money order or personal checks. If you buy it now, I'll include 6 pse carbon arrows, are used but in great shape.
    My phone number is 904-3867958.
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    I saw your bow recently. I am looking to upgrade. Nice looking bow, do you have any flexibility in the price. Also, it appeared that the string was in good shape, please advise as to the condition. Also, your location, I am in NC. Larry

  3. siah135

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    nice bow

    u still selling it?:cool: