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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by trussoni, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. trussoni

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    In another thread another member wrote this about getting and keeping new members to this site.

    "I say we get a How to section and everyone post a How to do some thing archery related. Then spread the word of the contest. By the time it is over 4DShoots will have the biggest and best How To section on the net. That in itself will bring new members just to learn how to do some of there own work.
    To post a how to section we need a way to filter out the crap. Then at the end of the contest the how to post with the most views or the best one wins.
    That will get new members in and old members involved."
    The member who wrote this is QSA. I do not know him at all but I for one take my hat off to him (or her) for the idea. I am new to archery I have not even been shooting for a year and to me that would be a wonderful tool to have at my disposal because everyone I shoot with is far more experienced than I am. When I very first started reading the posts here it was to gain knowledge and I continue to read them hoping to either learn or to have a good laugh.
  2. clemenlp

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    I have several of my favorite how to posts book marked incase I ever need them. That and the posts about things that member made themselves are my favorite types of posts.

  3. dbdcougar

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    :whistle: 4DShoots? Oh man I have enough problems trying to get through a 3D course.
  4. Dredly

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    its an idea thats been around for a while... Chris just keeps stalling :p
  5. QSA

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    I had nothing to do with this thread Chris. Not my falt lol
  6. trussoni

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    Just thought it was a really good idea is all