Great Starter Hunting Kit Jennings Buckmaster hunting bow!

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    Like new jennings compound bow. No scratchs or dings, new string, Whisper biscut arrow rest, Cobra fiber optic sight, peep sight, and string silencers, Hard case with 7 easton arrows, Scotts quick release trigger, arm gard, 7 diffrent arrow tips with 3 new broad heads, string wax and quick release detachable quiver, wrist support band, counter balance beam and manual.

    Package would easily cost $600 if purchased separtely. Willing to trade for 3D bow or cash contact me for offers.

    Very quite and very accurate.

    1) Jennings Compound bow with new string
    2) counter weight / balance beam
    3) Cobra fiber optic sight
    4) peep sight
    5) string silencers
    6) hard case
    7) 7 easton arrows
    8) Scotts quick release
    9) Quick release quiver
    10) various broad heads and small game tips
    11) arm gaurd
    12) Whisper biscut arrow rest

    It's a right hand, 29" draw adjustable from 28 to 30. Draw weight It's adjustable to 55-70lbs with 75% letoff. Its currently right around 60lbs draw

    You can reach me at [email protected] or cell 6785495347 would rather trade or sell locally. North Georgia (alphretta area)
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