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    The teach walks into the classroom one day and says today I am going to describe things and I want you to guess what it is. So she reaches into a brown bag without pulling anything out says I have in my hand a fruit that is round and red and grows on trees.
    Susie raises her hand very quickly and say its an apple. The teacher says no, it is a cherry but that shows you were thinking. Next she puts her hand back into the bag and say I have another fruit, it is round it is orange and it grows on trees also. Mike raises his hand first this time. He say its an orange. No says the teacher, it’s a tangerine, but that shows what you are thinking. Johnie jumping up and down in the back of the room screaming I want to play. So the teacher to quiet him says ok Johnie. Well Johnie says I am going to grab something and I will describe it and try and guess what it is. Well the teacher to quiet him down says ok Johnie go ahead, so Johnie turns around and you hear ZZZIIPPPP and he says in my hand I have something that is hard has a red tip and before he could say anymore the teacher yells Johnie you nasty boy. To which Johnie replies it is only a match stick but that shows what you were thinking.