having problems with QAD DROP AWAY

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by bowman_79, Jul 11, 2007.

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    i i buaght the rest brand new from cabela's they put it on my pearson spolier
    i was shooting 64 to 70 pounds out of it with a 28.5 in featherd arrow never had problem. i sold the bow took the rest off and my buddy needed a new rest to use for a few weeks till he comes up with the money for a new rest for his bow. i let him put it on his bow and hes shooting same arrow except he is shooting 2" blazers and lets just say it ripped all his veins off we tried paper tuning it today and it just was not falling fast enough to get out the way of his arrow. he shoots a old PSE BABYG at 86 pounds. what if anything can we do to set it up for that bow
  2. the rest is not set up right. it sounds to me that it is being pushed down by the arrow the QAD rest when bow is at full draw needs to come back from its resting point and when bow is fired the rest should fall nicely it is hard to explain without showing you in person.