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    I have been trying out almost everything out there for the prior last 3-4 years in scent products.Always gotta try what are suppose to makes daddy look for mommy,right?
    About 3 years ago,I came across this stuff.BF-pre-post rut buck fever synthetics,it claims it's better than real buck or doe pee.bf-gland has scape and tarsal scent,Bf-rut is for estrous doe in heat.they also have there own scent illimination spray(which by the way you could even swallow after mouthwashing)called vanishing hunter.
    I found there website and was amazed and more interested in what they had to say and how this stuff works.
    I had a trail that was used occassionally I had my stand off of,and I put some on my bootpad and brought a wick in set it 10 feet in the air and setup a deercam just to see what would happen.
    When I returned to my camera in a lil'over a week,it was full,but noticed te trail instead of being only 6-8 inches wide was now 2-3 feet with tracks and used 10 fold.
    When I got my camera and got the pictures there were many does and fawns,but 5 or 6 different 8 pointers I had never seen before.This was this week last year to date.first week of august.All in velvet.
    Hunting with the product was interesting for sure,I had a minimum of 5-6 does twice all less than 20 yards under my stand.I also had many other deer come in.But,what intrigued me the most is when they hit the trail...
    There heads went down every 5-10 feet,walk,head dow,walk a little more head down again.Deer looking for deer.
    A couple litteraly got about 60 yards away turned right around came back and made a scrape right in front of me.
    When first trying it out I was using too much,I had one significant buck come almost running in on a trail I made at 30 yards,and nose to the floor ran past and kept on running off never to return,that boy had the blues.
    I recommend trying out this product and also would recommend getting the information there website has to offer,I know it works for sure and many products may work for you in scents,but I reasure that this stuff blows tinks and golden estrous out of the water in my feild experience.
    I just want some more people to test it out for themselves to see what happens in there bowhunting experience and give me back some input as well.