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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by ddman, Sep 30, 2005.

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    i have a high country extreme bow, 27 inch draw at 70 lbs. i can hit the kill zone at 30 yards but my grouping is off aabout 2 inches. my question is is there anyone who makes or has cams for my bow that will shorten the draw lwngth to 26 inches? a buddy has a matthews switch back and it is 26 in. i sot it three times and shot the knock off two arrows. i think this is my problem. when i draw my thumb is behind my ear. i shoot a true flight relaese that wraps around my wrist, this is the only release i could find to get the draw or hand position as close as i could. any help will be appreciated.
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    no new cam...

    usually with high country (i don't know about the extreme) you just get a new module. it will cost a whole lot less, but still change your draw length. a new mod. is about 10 bucks, a new cam is over 50. your choice.

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    One thing you can do if you can't find modules is to short string it. By that I mean put an inch shorter string on it. It'll drop the weight range a bit, but the drawlngth being right for you is much more important.

    Try getting hold of HCA themselves or look in the classifieds on Archery Talk, or other sites.