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    Ok ladies and gentleman. I need help. No seriously I need help. I have got to put some new sights on my new HCA Iron Mace. The pendulum is just to noisy, but I don't know which way to turn. Do i need 1 pin, 3 pins, 5 or 7? I haven't shot thru a chrono. yet but from what I've told based on arrow weight, DL & weight I sholud be shooting around 300fps. I've looked at Spot Hogg, Copper John, Trophy ridge, G5 optix and many more. I'm sooooooo confused :noidea: Please help.
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    Well, since you had a pendulum on it, I'm assuming you mostly hunt from treestands. If that's the case I would look at a fixed single pin or a slider. Look at a Trophy Ridge Titan, Apex Atomic single pin, or maybe one of the HHA sliders.

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    I agree. your used to one pin. so go with it. You wont have much drop from 20-30 yds. You'll be fine and less confusing.. For a serious bright single pin. I love the Cosmic ring w/ a .19 pin. Super bright and made very well.