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    A young girl was sitting on her bike on a NY city side walk waiting for the light to change so she could cross when all at once a policeman road up on his horse and started talking with her.The policeman commented on her bike and asked if santa brought it to her and the little girl smiled and said..yes sir he sure did.The policeman climbed down off his horse and look it over.. shook his head and than wrote out a ticket and handed it to the little girl.The little girl looked sad at the policeman and asked..sir..what is this ticket for... the policeman replyed.. i gave you a ticket because there's no reflectors on your bike and tell santa next year that reflectors go on bikes.Well...the little girl looked at the policeman and said..that sure is a pretty horse..did santa bring him to you..the policeman replyed with a big grin and said...he sure did.The little girl looked at him and said...well next year tell santa that the D:censored: goes on the bottom of the horse...not on top.
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