heres one for you guys....

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    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    My Switchback-27" and a string loop-64lbs-80% letoff-
    HHA w/.019 pin-CJ Scardy Cat-STS-small S-coil

    CX Linejammer 250's-100gr glue in tips-one and half inch Quikspins
    shoots a perfect bullet through paper- 1" group at 20yds-4" group at 50yds.

    CX 3D Select 200's-100gr screw in tips-one and a half inch Quikspins-2" blazers- and 2and a 1/4 quick spins (three of each)
    Shoots perfect bullet holes through paper (all three different fletchings)
    1" group at 20yds-3.75" group at 50yds (Except the Blazers which go from about 4" at 35 yds to 8-10" group at 50???)

    Now for the kicker, I am not retuning between any of the arrows or moving my sight. All the arrows will group together if I shoot them all at the same time into the target??????

    Also my distance tape is exactly the same for each arrow!!!!:rockon: