HHA Sight question

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by OB1.25, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. OB1.25

    OB1.25 Junior Member

    I am thinking of switch to the HHA elite with micro click adjust on the elevation. Will this be to noisy when hunting and to slow vs the hha slider. I currently have the slider version. I just like the idea of the micro adjust being more exact vs the slider just being close to the mark on the scale. I prefer a single pin sight. thanks
  2. brokenarrow

    brokenarrow Evil Genius

    The sight still slides, it just has a micro clicker for fine adjustment...so for hunting you can still slide the sight to the yardage you want...I don't know how much noise they make...???:noidea:

  3. Jay Are

    Jay Are Junior Member

    They are not that noisy... but I found the slide to be much easier to use. :noidea:
  4. Sniper

    Sniper Senior Member

    I use the older style Optimizer with the long slide. gives me at least 30 yards beyond the capabilities of the "Light". I just got a 'Triple Threat" head, and replace my Rheostat. I'm setting the pins for 15,30, and 40. That way I have a five pin for when they are moving fast and in close. If the situation allows, I can ange the animal and shoot with the center pin like a single pin with the center one, using my range marks on the slide to be super accurate for long range. best of both worlds.
    When hunting is done, I go back th the single pin Rheostat head.