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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Cossi, Jan 3, 2006.

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    Hey folks, looks like a great forum you have here, just joined up, and have alot to learn! I look forward to tapping all of your brains for all the info I can learn. For a little background, my name is Rick and I am a 28 year old business owner. I just got into archery in the last few weeks, and picked up a Hoyt Ultrasport, and am extremely impressed with it. I shoot fairly well with it as well. (Its all relative)

    This'll piss ya off. I bought the bow in OKC, and they 'set it up' for me.:mad: I go to Wichita to do one of the computer shoots with my brother in law, and Dad. Need some more arrows, so I get to talking to the guys, and come to find out, the bow is all outta whack. The arrows weren't even flying straight. They were shooting nock high right. Then the draw length was wrong, the guys in OKC taught me some poor techniques, and so I had to buy all new arrows, plus a tune etc..... Had to break a few habits from my rifle and shotgun shooting. I am knowlegdeable enough to know what they said made sense in Wichita which is why I had it all done. It was so bad, that the arrow wasn't even straight when on the rest. Not up and down or side to side.:mad: :mad: If only I knew then what I know now.

    So next weekend, I am going back to Wichita, and gonna try to get it sighted in, and get something done as far as smokin my BIL and Dad again on the computer system.:p
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    Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your tuning troubles. This is a great forum to learn about all aspects of archery including tuning your own equipment.

  3. Hello and Welcome as you can see i am new here to great site.