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    I just read a thread on this heading by Kbohunt under title "anyone know". In that thread he wanted to know about his damaged LCD screen on his Cameras.

    I gave him a link to look at to protect the LCD lenses on the cameras. They are DEFINITLY worth the small price. I have thousands of dollars tied up in cameras and lenses and all the whistles and bells that goes with them and the pop-up shades are the cheapest best way to protect the LCDs on my digitals. They make them for the DSLR's and the "point and shoots". Check them out. Graet little product and cheap. It cost close to 200.00 to replce the LCD on one of my Cameras and that is how I found out about these shade covers. Wish I would have had known prior. I now have these installed on ALL my cameras.

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    Yes I have seen them, they sell them at wolf cameras also.