Hitting pennies?

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Tim Hansen, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. Tim Hansen

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    Kind of a crazy thing, I was trying to shoot a vegas round at the range and could not hit the ten ring for anything so I decided instead of getting frustrated and ruining my time I started shooting at a red painted penny hanging from some string in the celing. Bam,bam,bam one after another I hit the penny. It was about 1/2 yard away from the 20yd backstop so I moved the vegas target where my arrows were piling up. I shot one after another into the 10X - then went to shoot the target on it's own and was back to square one. Any suggestions- therapy or something else?
  2. iam60x

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    sounds like a concentration thing i had the same trouble with a 5-spot could not keep them in the x but i could put 5 1" by 1" piece's of tape on the back stop in a 5-spot pattern and could not miss went back to the target no luck talked to a lot of shooters they said stay with the target and work on my shot process and concentration i did and after about a week it came back last time out i shot 300 57x so if i can you can good luck

  3. Chris

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    What seems to work for a lot of people is to stop worrying about hitting the white. You should be trying to hit the X. The reason is a small miss of the X is still in the white (or yellow). But if you are trying to hit the white and miss, it's now a 4.

    Concentrate on the small spot.