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Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by Chops, Aug 7, 2006.

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    I live in the country and far from any archery shop....Walmarts the closest thing. Was wondering if anyone made targets on there own that hold up well to broadheads? I have a small ranch and would like to set up several targets at different distances, but I have to keep the costs in mind as well.
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    Well Let me be the first one to say :welcome: I am not sure if the one I made would stand up to broadheads real well at all but it works real nice for field points. I went and bought some pink foam insulation (styrofoam kind) real thinck stuff. I then cut it up into equal sections and compressed them together with wood and threaded rod. I shoot it in my basement and have had it a while. the only thing is when you shoot your arrows into it sometimes you get a pink film on your arrows, but it comes right off

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    You can do the same thing with Cardboard, but once again wouldn't trust it for broadheads.

    To be honest with you I've shot a lot of targets and NONE ever stand up well to broadhead usage. I would suggest getting or building a good fieldpoint target and then buying one of those very cheap Walmart broadhead targets, shoot it for the season and then toss it and buy a new one next year.

    Here are some other ideas for targets as well:

    - Get a tightley woven burlap sack and stuff it full of old clothes, blankets, plastic bags... whatever, make sure it is stuffed well. Works great

    - Use the Cardboard / insualation / carpet and layer it on top of itself, then put 1 board on top and 1 board on the bottom, run a threaded rod through the ends of both of the boards and crank the sucker down. you can also use ratchet straps but they don't work as well.
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    if u could find one a stryafoam block works great we stole a couple 5x5ft blocks about 10 years ago and they re still in great shape
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    I also live in the country and I use a sand bank to check broadhead flight. I am thinking about designing a box to hold sifted sand and able to hold a target(paper). As far as field points I use old plastic grain bags and stuff them with old Wally World shopping bags.
  6. We have tried everything over the past 30 years to construct targets. Nothing except some type of foam seems to work well for broadheads. Some of our clubs nave been using insulating board cut into 16 inch strips and stacked. It works good but make sure you get the type that dosen't have the tar on the back. There is a place in N.C. that is making targets from the material used to wrap furniture before shipping. It is about 1/8 inch thick. We have replaced our entire range with the stuff. Best I've ever seen. You could probably shoot broadheads into it, but we don't. Our targets are 50 x 50 and wrapped in shrink wrap. They look like the Black Hole targets but are much larger. Seem to last forever.
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    Sand stops broadheads really well only getting to stand upright is the trick.
    I use blocks of styrofoam. You can also take your old 3d's and cut one up for plugs and use the spray insulation foam to glue them in with. A few thoughts that I have had success with. Holy Smokes :biggrin1:
  8. if you have alot of old clothes and a tater bag stuff the bag with the clothes and zip tie it up and you'll have a great field tip target that will last you a long time as long as you keep it out of the rain.but if you want a good target to bye you can get a morrell wildfire target and you can bye them streight from the factory on line www.morrelltargets.com these guys are great, i know them pretty good i just live a hop skip and a jump from the factory check'em out.they have good broadhead tagets to.
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    If anyone has the ook by Chuck Adams, The Complete Book of Bowhunting, it apperently has description of a sand target the works very well and keeps out the rain and the cats. I dont have the book, but I if anyone does, it would be great to see a picture of what he built. It apperently took 75 pounds of play sand, that is not sharp and does not dull broadheads, and works well. Anybody have that book?