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    After a ten year bow hunting and shooting absence, I am glad to say I'm once again hooked. i bought a used bow last summer and had a great time shooting 3D...but I need some help

    I acquired good sights & accessories but i want a new bow. i would like to pay around $600 for the base bow. I checked out the Diamond liberty and victory...both seemed very nice. the shop was out of the parker 34...hoping to shoot it next weeks. (gander mountain is close by)

    Suggestions anyone?? i have a hoyt dealer close but no local bowtech


    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    I am not a binary cam or cam and a half fan.....

    So that being said I do like the diamond liberty (single cam), shot it a few weeks ago, Smokin fast, smooth and no recoil....Nice bow.

    Not trying to start any trouble but have you looked at Mathews, there Classic runs about 500 I beleive and it is a nice shootin bow.
    I have also heard of guys getting good deals (595) on the original Switchbacks...and honestly I like mine, more than the XT.

    For that matter the outback is also a good bow.

    Does it HAVE to be new???
    You can get great deals on hardly used bows on here and AT

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    No it doesn't have to be new, but I am looking to buy from someone that will set it up for me and assist in tuning the bow. I have checked around, not many used in my areas. Good tip on Matthews, i will give them a try.
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    give the hoyt dealer a try..

    Give the hoyt dealer a try.. If he is local then he will always be there, there is a big difference between pro shop and Gander Mountain the price @ Gander may be cheaper but the work on the bow will not be as good.. My friend bought a new PSE from Gander had to take it to the pro shop and have it retuned.. ended up paying more after all the pro shop charged him because he didn't buy there. I say look for the local archery shop and check it out. They always are in gander they may only have some one in that dept. 3 times a weeks that knows any thing thats just my 2c's... Good luck on the bow...P.S if you haven't shot the new hoyt's there sweet...
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    Hoyt and Mathews are great bows and ya even have to throw the Bowtechs in there also. I'am a huge Martin fan, have shot them for many years and ya can't go wrong with one of those, but the bow the has caught my eye recently.......and now I've got to have one, is the new ROSS CR337. Now these are sweet bows. They are new and growing fast, it's a must to check em out. I have had the pleasure of meeting Doug Hutchinson, the man that did most of the designs for Ross Archery, and these guys really know what they are doing.

    MoBowman ```---------->
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    go to the proshop and look for leftover deals.
    I recently upgraded to a 05 Mathews LX
    if I were to buy it last year it would have been 680$
    as a left over it was 399$

    I used a rest I had on my old bow (drop away) and bout a new fuse site 100$

    all was set up for free.

    this thing is smokin fast and quiet!!

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    If you cant find a bowtech try this site http://www.huntersfriend.com/

    They sell some great packages and bow

    I just got a tomkat and love it
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    I've been launching arrows from A Diamond Victory, and I love it. No shot recoil, arrows definitely motivate and the camo finish is very even. A excellent bow for whatever you choose to do in archery.
    Parker also makes some great bows. Very smooth and as of the 2006 lineup, very fast.
    Please try to check out as many different bows as possible. That way you will make a informed choice, and not regret an impulse buy later.