How did getting glasses affect your shooting?

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Mad-Man, Mar 7, 2006.

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    Hi all. Im new to archery. Just starting out but im smoking right out the gate! I tear my arrows up shooting groups at 20 yards. Im so good at shooting 20 yards in the 3 days that i've been shooting bows, that its not even fun to me. The real fun is 40+ yards for me. Only problem is, I have EXTREAMLY bad vision. I cannot see those bullseyes from 30 and 40plus yards. I need some specticals. Needed them for some time now but put it off cause I dont want them. Always fogging up, getting dirty. I work construction and am outdoors a lot so I didnt want them in my way. But, alas, to shoot my best I will need them. My question is, how did they affect your shooting when you had to get them? Do they interfere with your form? Do they make it harder to look through your peep? Did they affect you at all? Thanks.
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    I got my glasses about 5 years ago and they helped my shooting alot I was like you didnt want them but had to have them ya there a pain in the butt sometimes but I can hit the target at 30+ yards now go get them you wont regret it

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    GLasses helped me out alot hunting and shooting. But I will tell you this if they are filthy and you wipe them off with your shirt they aint gonna last. Get a couple of thoses cleaning cloths from your vision center and keep one everywhere you go.
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    Only problem you may have with glasses is if you have to get bifocals. I have two different pairs. I don't wear my Bi's while I'am shooting or hunting, just my regular ones. Even if you have the line/less there is still that transition area. But wearing my glasses has definatly helps my shooting. Good Luck

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    I normally wear contacts, however when i wear my glasses my point of impact changes ever so slightly. I asked an optometrist why, and he said that you look through the lenses of differentent glasses and contacts at different points while focusing at different angles. All I did was marked my sights for adjustments for when i wear glasses or contacts. That's all gonna change again when i get my corrective eye surgery in a couple of months, because i'll look through my natural lens different than I look through my contacts or glasses lenses. Some archers never see a noticible difference, hopefully you don't, but you'll definetly increase your accuracy.