How did you get started???

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  1. brokenarrow

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    Okay everyone spill it! When, Where, Why, What?????

    How did you first get addicted to this obsession?????

    I first started shooting those institutional bows in the Boy Scouts around 1979. I got my first recurve in '81 from a friend's dad and shot it till my fingers almost fell off:Cry: . Then I got my first compound in '82 a Bear Black Mag, I thought that bow was awsome and that was all it took I was hooked hard. I shot Instictively for about 10 years and the took about 4-5 years off for Only God Knows Why. Then a buddy talked me into a 3D and BAM!!! New bow, New stuff, HOOKED HARD all over again:D

    That's my story, What' your's????????????????????:typing:
  2. goldflinger

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    In The Beginning

    In a time long ago , In a land far away. No seriously I can remember making our own bows out of sticks and braided fishing line. Older brothers had recurves. I got one as a hand me down. Hunted with that with no luck. Got my first conpound bow about 13. Started 3d shooting a few years ago and upgraded to my bowtech justice.:biggrin1:

  3. Frank

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    It was the deer season after 1983, Had just moved to KS that year. Got the opportunity to go hunting with some of my friends in school.We all piled into 2 different trucks with our guns, took out driving through the pastures till deer started running then the slaughter began. I was not impressed never even shot my gun let alone fill my tag. The deer never had a chance, this was not hunting to me. The next day at my part-time job I was talking about what had happened and the way I was feeling about not hunting anymore. When a older guy spoke up and invited me to shoot. I flung one arrow and was hooked. That week ordered my Darton 50mx have never hunted big game agian with a rifle. Some years I fill a tag and others never even have a chance but this is what I call hunting.
  4. rdnkgrl_robinhood

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    Well earlier this year my 13 year old son decided that he wanted to join shooting sports with 4-H and the only thing he could get into was bow so he joined.
    Because he was a lefty they didnt have any bows that he could shoot so I had to go out and buy him a bow that he could actally shoot.
    Well about five hundred dollars later he was set up and ready to shoot.... But neither of us had any idea how to set up the bow let alone make the needed adjustments.. Soooooo.. I went out and bought myself a bow too and figured how to sight it in and everything.. Then I was able to help my son...
    A few weeks later I started dating this guy that was very avid bow hunter / comp shooter..He made it to the Nationals several times, so I guess he was pretty good. He really tought me most of what I know. Although the guy didnt work out for me, the knowledge I gained from him was invaluable. It didnt take long for my son to give up on 4-H but by this time I was shooting nearly every day and I was hooked.
    Even though my son lost interest I just couldnt put it down. The more I shot the more addicted I got. I still shoot nearly every day as long as time allows..
    So far the only thing I shot is targets but I would really love to hunt.. I also would like to do competition or league shoots.. I guess I just need to find something in this area or close anyway (Terre Haute, Indiana) I see this as being a very term hobby of mine. I think at some point I may even like to get into cresting just because I think it looks cool.

    Anyway thats my story..

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  5. bfisher

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    I guess I had my start in 1972. Had an old 35# fiberglass bow and some wooden arrows that looked like bananas with Bear Razorheads on them. Missed 6 deer in a little over a week. Probably all 10-20 yard shots. I knew nothing about archery back then.

    Well, for Christmas I got me a brand new Bear Kodiak Hunter (60") recurve for $35 at KMart. The following spring I got involved in field archery, winning my class in my first shoot. Accidnets happen. From there it just proliferated and I got seriously involved in field archery. Shooting is a joy and there isn't much of it goes on during the year so bowhunting is just a sideline---something to do during MY off season.

    Got my first compound in 1973 and it's been nothing but downhill since then. My god, the money I've spent. Pretty much, I get a new bow every year, change arrows as the technology gets better, and whatever else comes along to try.
  6. Holy Smokes

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    Wow, nastalgiasville. I traded a 1\2 bag of mexican dope for a Pearson 45# recurve in 73 this was Before Christ[BC]. My coach was my neighbor who would sit and sup on his Buds and say "keep shooting your a natural." Went hunting that fall just found a good looking palce , not any sign, and put some ink blots on my army greens,and some dark masquaria on on my face and hands. Saw no deer but I was bow hunting. Got me a PSE in 76,and shot a deer the next year. Like the other guy whew at the $$$ I've spent since chasing the deers around, I do dread the day I can't get in the woods. Maybe the Good Lord will take me out before then. By the way I got saved in 1980 and there is a new man walking in these boots. Love dem 3D's too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless Y'all, Holy Smokes
  7. pseshooter300

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    my cousin and his dad use to shoot tournaments a lot and i got interested in it so his dad bought me a bow and i still have it and that was 11 years ago. Im 24 now. Probably might give that bow to my kid one day to start with.
  8. BowhuntnHoosier

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    WOW we have some old farts on here. Now I don't feel so alone.:laugh:

    Ok the year was 1980 and I was 12 my uncles and cousins were all avid hunters and fishermen. One uncle in particular bowhunted and he seen I was interested so he loaned me an old old bow don't know what kind probably a bear thats what he mainly shot. It was 50# draw and I was determined to shoot it. Well at 12 this was a chore but I was killing myself daily for hours after school. Finally after about 6 months it all came together. :rockon: I could now hit a paper plate at 20 yards "pretty" regularly. Then I bought my own bow an Indian Golden Eagle used of course. I was stoked I spent a whole $35 on that thing. Hunted with it for about 6 years. Then bought a Bear Black Panther at K-Mart. Bought a recurve and hunted with it for a few years then in 1995 I bought a Jenning Carbon Extreme hunted with it for about 10 years then came the day I shot a Mathews and it was love from then on. So I guess I can blame my uncle for my obsession kinda. :peace:
  9. tek

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    I got started sometime in the early 70s with a Ben Pearson recurve. Shot that bow for years and years. Never was any good with that bow :biggrin1:

    Then in the early 80s I got hooked up with compounds, went to work in an archery shop, got sponsered by an archery company and then an arrow company.

    Still shoot a lot of 3Ds and hunt a lot and I enjoy the sport more and more everyday. Archery has been good to me and I try to give back by helping people get started in it but I can never repay what it has given me.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    oh the money we have probably all spent......I know I could have probably bought a house at this point......

    it was 15 years ago and my uncle was into bowhunting and Ted Nugent who is into bowhunting and well you get the picture.....

    he set me up w/a used compound.....a PSE graphite from K-mart I beleive.......shot it w/fingers and and bare bow for a year....then upgraded three years later to a PSE Lightning Flight II.....killed more deer with that bow than you could shake a stick at.....oh the days when I lived on a farm where you get as many crop damage tags as you wanted.....I killed probably 30 deer w/that bow.....and my cousin must have shot another 20 or so......we donated alot of meat from those deer to food kitchens and the hungry people can only eat so much venison......later upgraded to a PSE Durango......loved that bow also.....went to a Mathews SQ2 when I broke my back and it was too painfull to pull back 70lbs.....shot that for two years and then upgraded to the Switchback and have never been happier......
  11. runningbear15

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    The person who started me off with archery was my cousin who shotgun hunted and fished with me. He called me up one day and said that he had a surprise for me... It turned out to be a ClearWater Archery bow. He took me down to the local archer shop loaded me up with some arrows and i was hooked :biggrin1:
  12. Blue Mts

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    Sierra Mts

    It was along time ago, 1972. My brothers and I started bowhunting deer in the high Sierra Mts. It was beautiful there with huge rocks and all the big Sequoia trees. We hunted near a lookout tower called Buck Rock. I was using a Bear recurve, loads of fun and hooked for life. In 1978 I moved to the evergreen state of Wasington and bought a compound and started shooting some of the 3-D tournaments. In 1981 I took my first elk, a day I'll never forget. In 1991 I went back to the the traditional way and started shooting a Longbow. If you took the time to read this thank you, and good hunting.
  13. Eagleeye

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    How did I get started

    Well, back in 1967, i started shooting target archery, then hunting. Many bows later, I dropped the habit. Now i want back.
    this time, compounds---------
  14. big scores

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    I bought a carbon extreme bow from my buddy in 1999, and have been shooting ever since. and in 2001, I won the first ever Central Wi 3-d Championship shoot. and I won it again in 2006
  15. YankeeRebel

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    I started back in 1991. I started with a used Indian Bow. It was a compound. I was shootin' fingers with no sights. Then I met a buddy who was into archery and he showed me the light. He hooked me up with a Ben Pearson compound with sights and release. Man I thought that thing was fast. I became deadly accurate with that Bow. My buddy introduced me to 3-D and man I was hooked!!! I have owned many of Bows since then and shot many of deer as well. I currently shoot a 2006 Bowtech Tribute and man it is the smoothest and most consistant Bow I have ever shot. I hunt Deer and Turkey,shoot 3-d every chance I get and gonna shoot my first indoor leagues this year. I'm excited. :rockon: I'm always shootin' 3 or 4 hours in the local bowshop.

    Archery is more than just a sport for me. It's a passion that runs really deep. I'm always trying to better myself and my equipment. Great Post. :thumb:
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  16. Radar

    Radar Story of my life

    Well it was'nt that long ago for me. My wife and I were driving on our 1 yr. anniversary and I was talking to her about buying a new gun. The next day at work I was talking to a friend of mine Kieth about it and he told me to forget about it and be a real man and shoot a bow. Which I found strange coming from him because I knew he hunted with a bow and a gun. Found out later though that it had been about 8 yrs. since he hunted deer with a shotgun. Well anyway we got talking and he had been shooting since he was about 18 (he is 48 now). He told me that if I ever wanted to try just let him know and he would setup one of his old bows for me and teach me how. Well one saturday I told him that I would come down if that was ok, since I would not be racing that weekend. He got me all setup, the bow was a ProLine New Wave, gave me some arrows to use, shot about 30 arrows and left. the next day I went shooting with a buddy of mine and I just could'nt get enough of it. Kieth was real adament about proper form and technique, he would tell me its not how many arrows you shoot its the quality of the shots and all that comes with proper practice. I was down at the range at his house just about everyday after work. I ended up buying a PSE Nova with arrows form my buddy's brother, Second day I ever hunted I was out with my uncle and got a buck! Kinda messed me up though because everything was coming too easy for me. Started shooting leagues, joined a club, got on the board, five years later still going strong. Kieth and I don't work together anymore but whenever I have any questions or am struggling with anything and I can ask him and he can usually get me going in the right direction. Just thinking about all the money I have spent on bows and accessories. Now I shoot a Hoyt Trykon XL for hunting and I just bought a Bowtech Constitution for 3D. Hope the Bowtech works out, it is the first bow that I have bought that is not a Hoyt since I bought that first PSE.
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  17. papito

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    this is my first year bow hunting and i've been shooting for a year. I got a new job 8 months ago and my co worker got me into it is and since the i've been hooked!!!
  18. To be honest I started shooting a bow at about five years old. My father bought me a Sears special bow to shoot and ever since 1973 I loved to shoot a bow. My next bow was a Fred Bear recurve two years later followed by a Jennings Compound bow. I went hunting with my Jennings compound bow with my father, but I never got a deer and to be honest I got tired of freezing my butt off and not seeing anything so I stopped going in 1982. I joined the Army in 1985 and stayed in 21 years, retiring this year (never shooting a bow for the entire 21 years). I settled (for now) in Kentucky where my interest was resparked for archery and hunting by some of my fellow employees who bow hunt. I decided that if I got back into archery I would buy the best equipment I could get my hands on. My first compound bow purchase was a new Mathews Switchback. The only reason I chose Mathews was because everyone I worked with said they were one of the best bows and companies around.

    I picked up my Switchback, had it set up with everything (peep sight, D-loop, sights and rest) and started shooting in my backyard. I couldn't believe how smooth and easy to shoot this modern bow was. I just remembered having a more difficult time shooting a bow in the 70s and 80s. Back then the only option was pulling the bow with your fingers using the three fingered leather glove and having to wear the forearm guard to protect your arm against the sometimes annoying string rub after releasing the arrow. I started shooting so good, it almost was too easy. I grew tired of the Switchback and sold it to try a split-limb bow, so I picked up a Hoyt Trykon, which also shot well, but wasn't as smooth as the Mathews and had allot more string noise. So I sold my Trykon and put another Mathews (Switchback XT) on layaway. I quess my biggest challenge now is finding a bow that I really like to shoot and want to keep. The closest so far has been the Mathews bow, but I want to try a Bowtech (The new Guardian specifically). I hope I find that perfect bow someday.:decision:

    Take Care and God Bless the bow hunters!

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    Just thought I'd give this thread a bump since we have so many new members over the last few weeks.

    So com'on everyone.......inquiring minds want to know......:biggrin1:
  20. jcmorgan31

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    I honestly have no idea. :noidea:

    I was in the Army stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC when I bought my first bow. I had never even been deer hunting and didn't know anyone with a bow. A buddy of mine earlier in my tour had talked about bow hunting and I guess that must have stuck in my head and sounded like a challenge. I bought a used Jennings Uniforce in 1996ish and just shot around in the back yard. After getting out of the Army in 1999 and moving back home to Indiana, I actually started bowhunting. This past spring I decided to upgrade and bought an '05 Jennings CK 3.5. I thought I was in hog heaven with that bow. My brother-in-law and I went hunting one day and he had an Outback. I told him that there couldn't be that much of a difference to justify the extra cost for one of those. He talked me into going to a couple 3-D shoots this summer and I really took to the bigger aspect of archery. I now own two of those "high end, overpriced" bows after making the mistake of shooting a guys XT at the range one day.
    Since then, I have dumped a lot of money into my equipment. I have realized that quality does matter. I went from the guy that got his bow out the day before season, and put it back in the case the day after to the guy that shoots every day. My wife and kids all have bows now to and we use archery as a way to spend quality time together.
    I hope others out there enjoy it as much as I do. :peace: