How do i get my drawstring back on?! lol

Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by kaotickracker, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. kaotickracker

    kaotickracker Guest

    i took it off to put my site back in the string and now i cant get the string back up to the mounting spot. No matter what i do it just wont go :( :dizzy:
  2. bullspotter

    bullspotter Senior Member

    Might need a bow press, is it a compound, or what, and what kind of sight do you have, how did you get the string off? i have always put my sight on the bow itself, not on the string....:noidea: Umm you might want to find a bowshop in your area that can help you out....

  3. buckkiller_06

    buckkiller_06 Guest

    take it your bow shop and explain becuase you got real problem with a bow that has no string on it
  4. you mean a "peep" some people call it a peep sight. your lucky you did'nt hurt yourself taking your string off without a press here are the tools you need if you like to work on your own bow. but to get it fixed right away take it to your local archery pro shop.:noidea: good luck and be carefull.