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    Track of your optinum performance as far as timing is concerned?? I mark my cams in relation to the limbs, and i also have a bare shaft that i mark in relation to my rest at full draw, was wondering cause this weekend, i was having a hard time keeping my bow still right after the shot, and was not verry forging and didnt fell crisp. i knew someting was not the same, so i looked at my marks, and saw the timing was a bit off, so off to the bow press, put 2 twists on the cable bam, felt like it was right back on.. but the draw length was a tad longer, so did a few twists on the string, and the cam marks lined up.. got out my marked arrow and did a DL check, bam right on, went back out and it was back to pounding xs.... felt like a new bow!!! was wondering is anyone else had any tricks to keep track????

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    yup when my Icon doesnt hit the white....there is somthing wrong....the cam is usaully out.....I can usaully tell as soon as I draw the bow...the poundage dont feel right....

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    I have never done anything like that, those are great tips bullspotter.