How do you stop dropping your bow arm?

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  1. I have a bad tendency to drop my bow arm which effect my accuracy. Is there any tips you can give a young archer? Ive always been told to listen for the arrow to hit the target but that has NEVER worked for me. Hopefully I can get some new helpful tips. HELP ME! Thank you guys.
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    Just don't do it! Make a concious effort on every shot. Go through your shot process and make sure that you do everything correctly. After the shot make yourself keep your arm up. its kinda hard at first but thats what I did, you have to "be on top of every arrow" meaning don't just let em fly

  3. Chris

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    To start with exaggerate the follow thru. Force yourself to hold the bow up a few seconds after it hits the target. It will look funny but it's probably the only way you will get over the dropping arm syndrome. After you get it down pat, you can then stop holding so long after the shot.
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    Good advice above. Something else you might try for training purposes is getting real close to the backstop (bag, bale or whatever), like about 5'. Draw the bow as you normally would, aim, and then close your eyes. Hold and then shoot, concentrating on the follow through. Do this a lot.

    What you are doing is ingraining into your mind what a good shot "feels" like without the conscious thought of where the arrow hits. Believe me, it works. Assuming your someone close to normal your mind and muscles develop memory, LOL, and learn to repeat what they are taught.

    What happens to most people is that they begin shooting just to shoot. They never learn the mental part of it nor the steps involved preparing for the shot. There's a lot more to shooting well than just drawing, aiming, and releasing. This is actually the easy part.

    The hard part to master is the mental game, which is the most important. That's what sets the better shooters apart from the average guy.
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    An accurate shot must have a conclusion. It should be something that holds your form until the arrow clears the bow. Some use the sound of the arrow hitting the target, some bring their release hand back to touch their shoulder. I use the tilt of the bow. Since I'm shooting mostly target, I have a long stabilizer. When it begins bending my wrist, I know that I can relax my form.

    You have to have something or as you have learned you will anticipate the completion of the shot sooner and sooner until you are colapsing before your arrow clears the bow. It's not you, it's just the way most humans are made.

    To learn to do this, you have to get close to a bale without a target. Decide what you want to be the conclusion to your shot. Then shoot without aiming until it becomes subconscious.

    Good luck and let us know how it works out for you.
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    I was taught to count to 5 after release then relax. Now it's second nature. We are creatures of habit, all we have to do is create the habit. If you overexaggerate your follow through like Chris said before you know it you'll be doing it unconsiously. Just break the bad habit by creating a good one in it's place.
  7. Thanks guys. If I hold my form I can shoot the bulleye out of a Morrel Bag at 30 yards. But im going to try some of these methods today I only got 47 days til season so I must have rock solid form by then!
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    You guys are great. I have heard some very good points to shooting here and did'nt even have a question. This place really rocks.:peace: