How does full moon effect deer hunt?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by rqthunter, Sep 4, 2007.

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    I've heard a few different things about a full moon impacting deer movement during daylight. I know moon phases somehow effects the start of the rut, but does it effect the movement of deer during daylight. Some say that during a full moon, deer (especially mature bucks) are more nocturnal and bed down earlier, so they are less active during daylight.
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    I think there's something to it. I usually go out later in the morning and hunt midday during the full moon

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    depending on what phase of the moon it is. All animals are affected. even fish. alot of bigtime hunters swear by it. Though I have never really dabbled in it to much. You can sometimes determin when aprox. the deer are going to be mating. According to them. There is a sportsmans calender for hunters and fisherman that has all the times and dates according to each moon phase. In which what dates and times are the best. I've tried it for fishing w/ not much better success...

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    During a full moon and near the rut, is about the only time i can stay in my stand all day......
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    I have used a product called tha Poli Wheel it was designed my Mr Poli a enginner who was an avid outdoors man
    I will let ya know tha moon phases by what time tha they will be feed Major and minor time periods and smaller ones when they will git up and stir close ta their beds
    this thing is totally accurate.
    I have seen it work ever time i am in tha woods and see deer
    or see them close ta home.
    here's a link ta it scroll down ta find it
    Happy Huntin'
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    Along with affecting the rut and feeding, it has been my experience that MOST deer move to their feeding areas later and back to bedding areas earlier during a full moon. Especially when there is little cloud cover and it is very bright outside. I have seen deer during a full moon, but seems like not as many. I still hunt, no matter what! Rut is a completely different ball game.