How far your point blank?

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    Hello friends,

    my technique is a mix of instinctive (up to 30-35 yds) and gap shooting (from 35 to 65 yds, my max shooting distance until now)

    I currently shoot a 41# @ 28" t/d recurve (Jordan Stalker, US-made custom bow) with 290 grs carbon arrows (780 ICS energy, 80 grs point, 3" shield natural feathers). I shoot off the shelf, my draw lenght is about 27,5".
    My anchoring is the traditional one, with split fingers and middle finger on mouth corner.

    My point blank distance (where my arrow point is in the spot at full draw) is now about 50 yards. To increase it (which would be useful because my archery federation shots are up to 60 yds) I should do one of the following:

    a) increase my bow weight (e.g. going up to 50 lbs or more)

    b) reduce my arrow weight (e.g. switching to 900 shafts with 60 grs point) but my grs/lbs ratio is already quite low, about 7

    I wonder which is the point blank distance of gap shooters more esperienced than I am

    Thanks in advance,


    from Italy
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