How long should string last?

Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by stevepro65, May 28, 2013.

  1. stevepro65

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    My first question, since I have actually taken a few hundred shots;how many shots,or length of time shouls string and cables last? Also;how often should wax be applied to the string? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. Hutch

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    Hi stevepro65, Target shooters change strings every year or 2 and sometimes more. Hunters replace theirs every 3 to 4 if not shot as a target bow. As for waxing, wax when the string looks fuzzy.


  3. stevepro65

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    Thanks Hutch!

    I guess I've got a little time before I have to worry then.Got into this on an entry level budget and I'm quickly realizing it will be as expensive as any other addictive sport.
  4. beaubowhunter

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    I typically wax my string after every time I shoot. Some say this is a little excessive, but with over 4,800 arrows on one of them that was put on in 2008 and still going strong, I am a firm believer in waxing. I have found that it helps prevent water and other damaging particles from hurting it. Just MO, but as string will last a long time if taken care of properly. Good shooting!
  5. 60X Custom Strings

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    I change my target bows each year and hunting bows every other year.
  6. bfisher

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    I shoot almost daily, putting about 10,000 shots a year through my bows. I take decent care of my equipment and wax my strings (custom made) when they need it. That usually means about 4 times a YEAR. Between waxings I find that when a string shows signs of fuzzing there is usually enough wax in the string that a brisk rubbing between thumb and fore finger is enough heat to bring some of the wax to the surface.

    Actually there are products made to clean the string and remove old wax to some degree and I consider this more important than just adding wax till it's caked on the surface. If your string gets to feeling sticky chances are that there's too much wax on it which will just attract and hold onto dirt or other grit which is the main culprit leading to string wear.

    Wax needs to be rubbed into and between the strands. Wax just on the surface isn't going to do what it's intended to do. Part of that is lubricating the strands so that they do not abrade each other. Wax rubbed into and between the strands is enough to keep water out.

    A good way to remove excess wax is, once it's all rubbed in (burnished), wrap a couple loops of dental floss around the string and pull the tag ends from end serving to center serving. Might even do this a couple times and then rub it again to smooth things out.

    Well made strings should last several years if done this way.