How many of you fletch your own arrows?

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    Hey Slippy I have found that those blue wrappers on bottled water work pretty good. Yah just got to be careful when peeling them off the bottle....Slap a little Gorrilla Glue on em and you'll be set...:thumb:

    disclaimer: The above statement was meant entirely as a joke please do not try this at home....Fiddle
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    5 years now

    I've been refletching my own arrow's for around 5 years now . I really do enjoy doing it myself ,I can use what ever vane's I choose and whatever wrap's I choose with whatever colour's i choose . I love tinkering with my bow and I get a little more appreciation out of doing these thing's myself . I'll also do them up for my friend's ,as someone else here said ,it's fun and it sure pass's the time away on those cold day's in the winter when you have to stay inside.

    I use Blazer's on my easton axis's S/T's with slight right helical and a bit of offset ,I've never noticed any difference in glue time though .But I'll agree that the blazer's are a hardy vane ,but I find them to be the best I've used in a long time.

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