how to get a R100 in the Chattanooga Tennessee area?

Discussion in 'Rinehart R100 Tournaments' started by Archeryaddict, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. Archeryaddict

    Archeryaddict Guest

    I would like to see one of these tournaments in my area
    so how does someone go about getting a tournament scheduled for the Chattanooga and surrounding area?:)
  2. GregH

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    I contacted Rinehart a couple of weeks ago and she told me they would be coming out with this years schedule in the next couple of weeks. I shot one last year in Iowa. It's a good time. This year he wants to make it a dual shoot. It will be a recreational/competitive shoot. I'm not sure how he plans to work that out.

    You can keep checking Rinehart's website

    If you email them and ask to be put on their list. I'm sure they'll do that and let you know when the schedule is up.