How to start a Archery Tournament

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  1. lroth

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    I would like input on how to start an archery tournament.

    Field setup
    Entry fees $
    Shooters Classification

    Any other important information.
  2. dbdcougar

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    I'm going to assume 3D since that is the focus of this site! Don't see where you are from so if you are in a northern state you'll probably want to use IBO rules - don't be afraid to modify them a bit to suit your conditions. Southerners are used to ASA rules. That covers scoring and classes; both organizations have their rules posted on their website. Unless you are wanting to be sanctioned event don't worry about being a stickler for following every single thing in their book; just make sure it will be fun for people but fair. We give out ribbons for the first 3 places in every class; some people like it and some don't care at all. You'll get all kinds of shooters; some are serious, especially the far stake shooters, others just want to get out with their friends and have fun. Entry fees are running about $12 for 30-40 targets around here. Targets come down to how much $$$$ you have to spend. For targets I like Rinehart's the best but they aren't the cheapest. I would put out a good variety of animals - however I would favor what is commonly hunted in your area. Interesting placements are good and an elevated stand or 2 is a good thing. Don't use too many small targets. Make sure the 8 point and up scoring areas are clearly seen and unobstructed. Check your stakes with a rangefinder if you have any question at all in your mind if you are getting close. When you set up shooting lanes be very careful to keep in mind landing zones of all possibles misses; the last thing you want is someone at another station looking for an arrow getting stuck with a miss from another lane. Use plenty of flags, barrier tape, arrows to be sure people can follow the course and not end up in a dangerous location. Although it's not necessary having some kind of refreshments for sale is appreciated by the shooters. We set out water at a couple of spots on the course during the hotter months. That ought to get you started, if I missed anything ask away.

  3. lroth

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    Thanks dbdcougar for the information and we are in Arkansas.
  4. johnniewalk

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    My idea is instead of starting archery tournament you turn into as a betting game, so one will be the shooter, in that different colors will be there he should choose any one color if he hit the color once out of 3 arrows then he can double the amount how much he paid for the bet, if misses amounts goes to you, and one more thing if he hit all the 3 arrows for particular one color that he choose then you should give treble the amount as a shooters best.
  5. Housatonic Archers

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    Field setup: Rule of thumb with us is as long as the vitals are open and visible the shots acceptable. We have 4 pins people can shoot from, Youth (which i try and keep those shots between 6-12 yards) Traditional/Woman's any where from 15-30 yards. Compund pin 12-50 Yards and then top gun / crossbow which are about the same as compound 12-60 yards most of these are 5-12 yards further back depending on how much wiggle room I have with the terrain.

    Scoring we use; body shot is 5 point, the larger circle is 8 points and then the two smaller circles in the vitals are 10 (we dont use 12's)
    Entry fees $ Im in CT and $15 is the going rate for non members of the club you are shooting at.
    Shooters Classification We use : - Traditional: Longbow or Recurve
    - Barebow: No sights, No releases, No marks on the sight window, No string walkers
    - Sights and Fingers: Shooting fixed pins with a Glove, Tab or bare fingers
    - Sights/Release: Shooting fixed pins with a release
    - Crossbow: Any type of crossbow (We only have one crossbow guy but we added it in the event more show up)
    - Freestyle: Any bow with movable sights, scopes/lasers or anything not listed above.

    Targets We have a mix of McKenzie targets and Rineharts, but since I took over im trying to switch everything to Rinehart, my only issue with rineharts is their lack of a good bear selection. If you are affiliated with a club id suggest registering with them to order your targets directly, you'll save some $ and it cuts out the middle man.

    Hope this info helps :) Heres a vid from our first shoot this year if you wanna check it out :) [video=youtube;l1jtdTPixWc][/video]