How was your Sunday/mothers day?

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    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    I got the love of my life a really nice digital camera. So I got to go to a shoot. (Bribary always works, hehehe:biggrin1: ) One of the best shoots I have ever been to. Was an hour and ten minuets away. It was well worth the drive. They had some shots way out there, 60yd elk ( I fived it low). 50yd russian boar thru a very narrow shooting lane (10x). 38yd alligator (10), the body was half in one of there trout ponds and you had to shoot across the water. The third shot was a 45yd lion (8). 4th shot was a 52yd, coutering away standing bear (10)???? Good thing I had my Binos w/me. The club has a huge lake and Big gravel pit. Some of the shots in that open Gravel pit were rough. How about the standing turkey at 40yd, w/nothing around it but a big puddle? Judge that?

    Sorry I know this is general section, and should be in tourney section but it was such a good shoot thought they deserved the recognition they deserve.

    By the way if anyone from Whortlekill Rod and Gun club in Hopewell Junction NY is on here, how come you guys failed to adverties in the find shoots section this year, silly move, I think. Also how about updateing your web site so people know when you are haveing shoots.

    One down side though, Dutchess county NY must be the tick capitol of the world!!!! I stopped counting after 10. :mad:
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    Had a pretty cool time with the wife and the kids (all grown thank god). Yesterday went to the T.H.E. Deermans Missouri State Championship and had a pretty good shoot. Was in 3rd of the bowhunters class when I left. Hope it holds thru the day.

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