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    2002 Hoyt Cybertec Compound Hunting Bow - $575.00
    This bow is brand new! Shot only to get it dialed in!

    Righthand adjustable draw (28"-31.5")
    Single large wheel hard cam
    Machined aluminum riser
    Mossy oak camo finish
    50-60 lb. draw:

    Extra rigging:
    Braided sling
    4" Donker adjustable stabilizer
    4 arrow Hoyt quiver
    Cobra fiber-optic sight with light
    Hunting peep
    Hoyt limb savers
    Teflon slide
    Tec 3000 micro-adjust rest

    This unit is brand spanking new and has only been fired a few times on the range to get it dialed in for hunting use. The price on this is almost half of what you would pay at a sporting goods store for this exact same setup. Half price for new gear - you just can't beat that. Owner gets a new bow each year and got this for the 2002 hunt but then injured his shoulder resulting in him missing the entire season. Any questions can be emailed directly to me at [email protected] and you can find more pictures at:


    I live in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago and am willing to ship this anywhere within the USA or Canada at the purchaser's expense. Shipping charged will be the cost of UPS to the destination plus $5.00. I will accept cash, secured check, or Paypal money transfer. If you would like to use a credit card over Paypal, I will add 4% of the price to cover their fees.