Hoyt Magnatec For Sale 1999 model w/ extras

Discussion in 'Hoyt Bows for Sale or Trade' started by rangerspoon, Sep 28, 2005.

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  1. rangerspoon

    rangerspoon Guest

    Hoyt Magnatec For Sale 1999 model w/ extras (Going to EBAY 11-7-2005)

    I do not have any idea what to trade it for, so I am trying to just sell it outright.

    I have shot close to 150 arrows thru this max in 4 1/2 yrs. Here is the link for the bow specs. http://www.hoyt.com/technical/mychart.tpl?page=99_magnatec.inc&cart=11279521672963764[/URL]

    R/H - 75% let off Current - draw weight is around 55lbs.

    .If you are wondering this bow is pretty quite.

    .Last time checking FPS with carbon arrows flew around 280s to 290s. The aluminum arrows flew around 260s to 270s pending draw weight and length.

    .I have a six arrow quiver that goes with some 27 1/4" aluminum xx78s (i think I can easily check for you if interested)

    .A real nice hoyt integra 1 1/2" OD rest that packaged out with it.

    .Hoyt stablizer

    .Hoyt 5-pin integra sight. (fiberoptic I can check all of these J.I.C.)

    .It has whiskers on it

    .It is a solid limb bow w/ casted riser not machined.

    .Bow shoots well and tru.

    Email me for pricing on shipping and offers. (pics can emailed if interested as well)

    Asking : $215

    Thanks for looking :)

    ebay link: http://cm.ebay.com/cm/ck/1065-29296-2357-0?uid=38585905&site=0&ver=LCA080805&item=7194983838&lk=URL
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  2. schmidy

    schmidy Guest

    is it still for sale

    do u still have this bow for sale?