Hoyt Trykon loses limb screw?!?!

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  1. I can't believe it. After firing about 50 arrows today, I heard a heavy drop noise hit the leaves under me. I looked down didn't see anything, then started to shoot again. After finishing I was getting ready to put my bow away, then I noticed that one screw was missing from the lower limb bracket. I can honestly say that that has never happened to me before. I'm going to take the bow back to the dealer I bought it from to exchange the Trykon for another one or another bow. I just don't feel comfortable shooting something that the screws fall out of. Damn, my first Hoyt and this happens. What gives???:doh:

    Take Care and God bless!

  2. One of the lady target shooters in my area bought a new ProElite in target black that did the same thing. She said that she would shoot 30 or so shots and the limb pocket screw would fall out. She had a couple guys look at it and put it back in tight and it would still fall out. She sent it back and Hoyt did something to it because the problem is gone now. Hope you get it sent in and fixed up fast.

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    This post really has me worried. I just a new 2007 HOYT Selena, I dont expect to have it for a few more weeks, I hope I dont have this problem with mine when it finally does come in.

    After you send it back to be repaired post again and let me know is the issues have been resolved.

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  4. I really don't plan on returning it to Hoyt. I'm going to try and exchange my current Trykon with a new one (only had the bow less then 3 days). If they don't have the same draw length bow, then I will pay the difference for a Bowtech Tribute or an Alligence. If I send it back I will miss too many days of archery season.

    Take Care and God BLess!

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    just guessing but it might be incorrectly drilled holes or incorrectly taped holes? sounds like the screw doesn't fit tight enough... I sure as hell wouldn't want to deal with that.

    I am curious how you can keep shooting without the screw wthat keeps the limb attached? (or am I thinking of the wrong screw?).

    Just wondering, not doubting its happening :)
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    Back when I had a 2001 Hoyt Cibertech , I would have to check those screws OFTEN for tightness. But the next problem that would happen , is those fancy Nylon or Delron washers would start to split.
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    Lock down screw

    There is nothing major wrong with your bow. If the washer is still on the lock down screw simply put it back in and retighten it. I know people that shoot Hoyts that doesnt even use them at all. Good shooting.
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    Limb screws

    I assume your talking about the limb adjustment locking screws. I haven't had any trouble with mine, but I could see how they might vibrate loose,as they aren't under any additional tension, besides the installation torque, under normal conditions. I would think that a lock washer or some locktite would solve the problem
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    I have owned a total of 3 hoyt bows and my wife owns a selena. That must be a very isolated problem I have never had a manufacturer defect or any problem with any of them. I know hoyt will take care of that problem.
  10. I took the bow back and they gave me a extra screw and washer. I tightened all the screws and everything is working fine now. I'm glad the problem was minor. I really like the Trykon and Hoyt in general. Now I'm patiently waiting for the new Hoyt Vectrix to be released so I can pick up this bow also. The new string silencer rod is suppose to get rid of the little string noise. I think I'm addicted to Hoyt bows. I do believe I prefer the Hoyt split-limb bows over my Mathews Switchback solid limb bow. One last time to hit the woods this Friday to see if I can get some deer meat.

    Take Care and God Bless!

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    I had one of mine fall out and found it in my bow case. Did'nt get to worried about it, just figured the dealer I bought my Trykon XL from just did'nt tighten it enough when he adjusted the draw weight. Put it back in with some dumb dumb zip and havent had a problem since. My guess is from hearing all of this is that when they were machining the riser the drill bit they were using was getting alittle dull and started cutting alittle more material away. Hence the tap could not make a good complete thread. Maybe I am over thinking this but I have not had a problem with mine since