Hoyt Ultra Elite or Pro Elite

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    Hi guys.

    I'm living in Costa Rica, and here bowhunting is illegal, so I'm planning to get a target bow.

    Most of the people her are more into target with recurves (basically win&wins), but I'm more of a compound guy.

    I own a Diamond Rapture, draw length of 26" and draw weight of #50 (I'm 5'8"), but I don't feel comfortable enough with these bow to really enjoy target archery.

    I was thinking about Hoyt. I really like the Ultra Elite, and the Pro Elite specs, but can't find a face-to-face review. Also liked the Vantage 7 and 8, but I think those are too big.

    Any ideas? recommendations? any other model I should be looking at?

    The reason I seem to be confused, is that I can't seem to find any info about the compound limbs at hoyt.com, and YES, outdoor distance is my main idea.

    The other thing, is that I don't know if I'll have the time on my next trip to the US (April, Chicago) to drive to an archery shop and give them a try... AND, I'm not sure if they'll have the Pro or Ultra in target colors (jade for me).

    So basically, I'll be doing this an online-shop.

    I tried getting in touch with lancasterarchery.com (they had a note on them on Inside Archery a while ago), but even though they didn't answer my emails (sent 2 of them, no reply in 3 days), they seem to carry only hoyt recurve products... no compounds.

    Any idea who might help me with the online shopping and setting up my bow?

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    the Problem is Hoyt DOES NOT ALLOW ONLINE SALES of new BOWS.......

    AND THIS IS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE, unless there is no dealer in your country.....

    Is there a reason why you are limiting yourself to hoyt??

    have you ever shot one of these "target" bows??

    just some questions....

  3. Neuralgia

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    well, the ONLY brand that has a local dealer in Costa Rica is Hoyt... theoretically, becasue they don't answer my phone calls, or my emails :noidea:

    Matthews, Bowtech, PSE, are not options because or this... even though I own a Diamond Bow, and planning to get a Guardian or a Marquis anytime soon.

    In case something happens to my bow, I can get in touch with them... again theoretically at least.

    If I happen to buy it in CR, the price is incredibly HIGH, because of taxes, shipping AND customs.

    PS: I also have a Barta longbow, and a Bear Cheyenne recurve... oh, and one PSE recurve for youth which I started with, but I always forget the name.