Hoyt Ultratec XT Series, Price Negotiable!

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    Hoyt UltraTec XT Series bow and accessories for sale.(http://www.hoyt.com/products/ultratec.tpl?cart=11244642584582148)

    I work at a consulting firm, and purchased the bow 2 months ago. We were working for an archery client, and needed to try a few different bows. The bow is no longer of use to us, and we would like to sell it along with its accessories. Fewer than 250 arrows have been shot from the bow – it is literally just like new.

    Accessories include: 8-10 carbon-fiber arrows, new Copper Head release, hard case with lock, soft camouflage case, brand new 5-pin-sight set, and hip-side quiver.

    I am flexible with the price- please EMAIL ME A REASONABLE OFFER IF INTERESTED-
    [email protected]

    The equipment is located in Boston. If you’d like to pick it up yourself that’s fine – if you’d like it shipped to you, we do ask that you pay for shipping.

    From The Website:

    The improved UltraTec features a new advanced TEC riser design that enhances the overall balance and stability of the bow. It also features Hoyt’s new Pro-Fit Custom Grip for increased accuracy. Its generous axle-to-axle length and 7” brace height make it a top performer both in the field and in competition.

    Standard Configuration

    Axle To Axle: 37 1/2"
    Reflex Geometry: 1 1/4"
    Brace Height: 7"
    Draw Weight (Hunting): 40-80#
    Draw Weight (Target): 30-80#
    Mass Weight: 4 LB. 4 OZ.
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    bow ?

    Can you give us a little more info? What limbs? What poundage? Cam 1/2 or spiral? Draw lenght? Ect. Thanks, Jeff

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    More Info About Bow

    I am not a bow expert, actually I am just learning. Here is what I do know to respond to your question:

    It is Cam & 1/2
    It is adjustable, but right now set to 55 lbs, and
    the Draw Length is 29''.

    Hope this is helpful.
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    I sent you an email, please respond.
    Thank you
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    what are you wanting for it
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    Is this bow still available?