hoyt vs. bowtech vs. matthews vs. pse

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by agdave112, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. agdave112

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    i have shot a really old golden eagle when i started 17 yrs ago then a pse and hoyts ever since. just curious as to how everyone thinks they compare. If its like some fishing reels(people claim they are more comfortable than others) then are the differences just personal preference or are some actually better?
  2. fstgstdsmpay

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    its all personal preferences. You just need to shoot whats comfortable to you. If your lookin for a new bow go to the shop and shootem all.

  3. Hook Em

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    They will all have a different feel, so it is just personal preference. The bows these days are all fast enough to do the job, so it comes down to which one you like more. Some will draw better, be heavier/lighter, be a bit faster, etc...
  4. JDX--

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    Many choices to choose from shoot a few and find something you like, My favorite is Mathews but that’s me, there a lot good bows out there to look at
    Just make sure the draw length and poundage is set for your size when comparing, the roll over in cam alone will feel like night and day when drawing back a bow that fits you compared to one that is long or short

    Good Luck and have fun!!! :biggrin1:
  5. hunter2678

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    I was in a similar boat as you.....the new bows today will be night and day better shooting and feeling that the GE you've shot forever..I had a GE predator. Anyone of the choices will give you a solid accurate and fast hunting bow...:D
  6. swintj1

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    I would recommend going and shooting them all, but I do have a few personal favorites, and a few not so favorites.

    Mathews: Apex 7 (target), Drenalin or Drenalin LD (hunting)
    Hoyt: Katera (hunting)
    PSE X-Force HF7 (hunting)

    I like the Katera best for hunting, but that is just because the Hoyts have a bit of a valley in their cam cycle (which is uncomfortable), but when you hit the wall, it is solid, and the Hoyts just feel like they are going to take off faster than any other bow. Plus, then are very well balanced and have the least hand vibration of any bow I've ever shot.

    If you want a smooth as silk cam cycle...I honestly think it is impossible to beat a Drenalin or a Drenalin LD.

    The X-Force is just on my list because I want one, just to say I have one and because it is fast as heck. I don't think they are the best, but it is fun to say you have the fastest bow in the world! hehe.
  7. Hoyt_563

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    I like them All!!!