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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by polemidis, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. polemidis

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    Hi, I am a almost new archer from Greece.
    I am looking to buy an Ultra Elite Hoyt but I figured out that there are not any online Hoyt stores :(

    Here at Greece there are not any shops that have stock at bows. So every one is buying bows without to test for proper fit :( I can't avoid this.

    I already own a 2006 Power Tec.

    Can anyone help me in buying an UltraTec??? I have some family at US but the don't know a lot.

    Is it able to sent them to buy for me a brand new bow? I know exactly what DL and DW I want. Or the retailers need the actual buyer to be there???
    Do you know the procedure?

    Sorry for my english :(
  2. Gator eye

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    All they need is your specs. and your money. Maybe a heavy box for shipping.

    Good luck .

    :welcome: :welcome:

    Let us know how it goes...:wave:

  3. J.Blay

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    I'm a Hoyt shooter, but I wan't to point out an advantage in owning Bow Tech in areas where there is no dealer. There's a "Backwoods" on line dealer who can sell over the internet and still offer you their full warranty. The only requirement, I believe, is that you are not too close to a dealer. I love my Hoyt, but this might affect my purchase if I were in your position. By the way, Your english is easily understood for me.
  4. Robinhooder3

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    You can send me your old Hoyt when you get the new one if you like. :biggrin1: :biggrin1: :biggrin1: