Huge IL buck taken

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by ptcruz421, Nov 5, 2005.

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    Check out this IL buck. Oh my gawd!
    This is a huge buck from around El Paso that was taken by Brent
    VanHoveln. He had seen it Oct. 1, 2, and harvested the buck on the 3rd.
    It was around the Mackinaw River and he had been seeing it in a bean
    field. He shot it at 23 yards and double lunged it. It went 60 yards.
    They estimate that it may score around 230 P&Y but they are not sure.
    It is a 28 pointer (11 x 17).
    The buck was in the field about 150 yards out.......then two smaller 2
    1/2 yr. old bucks came into the field and started sparring; just
    clicking their antlers together. The guy pulled out his call and turned
    around and hit it. The buck looked up and came running right to him.
    He almost got busted trying to adjust his camera so he could get it on
    He was moving it when the buck was 50 yards out. He stopped and looked
    right at him, gave him the head fake, stomped twice then put his head
    and came right to him
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    Holy cow! I'm hunting near the mackinaw this week. Can't wait!

  3. glenny

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    That is a nice one alright....

    Did not think there where bucks like that in that area,
    more likely to change my/anyones opinion looking at that bruiser.
    what a way to go into opener.